E Tipu E Rea Whānau

Providing whānau-based support, resources, individual and systemic advocacy to allow mātua taiohi, hapū māmā, and their tamariki to thrive.  Come join our whānau!


Our kaupapa is to actively uphold the mana of the young parents, hapū māmā and whānau we serve. Through a kaupapa Māori framework, we enable mātua taiohi , hapū māmā and their tamariki to achieve whānau ora and connect to their wider whānau, community, iwi and whakapapa.


Supporting mātua taiohi , hapū māmā and pēpi to grow, thrive and be rangatira within their whānau and community.


We provide holistic, tailored and experienced whānau services, supported by a kaupapa Māori framework and delivered by our dedicated kaimahi.
With services that wrap around whānau, we ensure that our new and expectant mātua taiohi have access to the resources and networks that will help them thrive.

Thanks to the commitment and support from our team, whānau, community, Iwi, partners, funders and our donors, E Tipu E Rea is able to provide much needed support and assistance to over 220 whānau members on average per year.  We need more community tautoko to continue building on the strengths of young whānau, and to challenge some of the unfair systems that discriminate against them. Our young parents, hapū māmā and their tamariki are the leaders of our future generations.

We welcome your tautoko to develop their leadership

Nau Mai Haere Mai ki Pā Ora

Pā Ora - Making Connections
Covid-19 Prevention Tool

Pā Ora has been developed to help you, mātua taiohi, hapū māmā and your whānau to receive Ministry of Health and community intel about locations of interest, vaccination sites and testing stations.   E Tipu E Rea Whānau Services wants to make it easy for you and your whānau to stay safe and healthy.  Seach by location in the address bar above.  To get live alerts of locations of interest push “Notify me”.

What our mātua taiohi say about being part of our service

I learned a lot about how my baby will grow in the next few months, I was surprised to learn about a baby’s emotions.  I am also more confident that just because I am young does not mean I can’t be a really good parent.  Both my baby and I have a good future.  Being young and hapū does not mean the end of the world, it is actually just the beginning of a great future.

Taiohi māmā

I learned that babies can connect with me before they are born, that was pretty cool.  It is great to have support (without judgement) around me as I learn about being a dad.  Its the judgement around  that I think can make things harder for dads like me.

Taiohi expectant pāpā