Māori lens needed on Kāinga Ora rebuilds

Posted: May 19, 2022Category: Uncategorized

Housing continues to be one of the biggest barriers facing mātua taiohi, hapū māmā and their tamariki. E Tipu E Rea strive to find adequate for our young parents and their whanau.

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Māori architect says Kāinga Ora’s rush to upgrade and densify state housing stock is ignoring the cultural and social needs of Māori and Pasifika families.

Rau Hoskins from Design Tribe says the houses being built are warm and dry, but planners are still making elementary cultural mistakes like placing toilets and laundry areas too close to kitchens.

He says Māori need houses that will be suitable for larger families, intergenerational living and being able to cater to people with disabilities.

“Each and every whare needs to be designed as if there was going to be a Māori or Pacific Island family living there so making sure you have at least one bedroom on the ground floor so if kuia or kaumātua are living there or someone breaks a leg or someone is on dialysis, or whatever is the case, you always need a ground floor bedroom and that is often not provided,” Mr Hoskins says.

Rau Hoskins says Kāinga Ora needs to collaborate more with iwi and community housing providers who have a better sense of what their communities need and who can also provide follow up care to residents.